Amity Partners was founded in 1995 by Jeff McMahon and Paul Gahn.  Jeff and Paul had worked for over a decade together before venturing out on their own to form Amity Partners.  Paul retired in 1999, and since then Jeff has been the sole owner and President.    Amity Partners was located off Spring Grove Avenue in Cincinnati Ohio from 1995 until 2008, before moving to it’s current location in Bromley, Kentucky.

When Jeff and Paul started the company, they dedicated themselves to exceeding their clients expectations on a daily basis.  Whether it be through competitive rates, safety, accessibility, or simply the quality of their work, they dedicated themselves to try to overachieve in all areas.

Since Paul retired in 1999, Jeff has continued to instill these values and high standards in all of Amity Partners employees.  Now with his two sons in the business, he has made it his mission to pass these integral assets on to the next generation.